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All-State times two
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For three weeks, senior Jeff Melhaff practiced for his All-State band audition. He was hard at work for at least a half an hour a day for three weeks learning the music to “Trumpet Concerto.”
Melhaff competed against 108 other trumpet players in the state for one of the 16 trumpet positions in the All-State Band. The auditions took place at O’Gorman high school in Sioux Falls on Jan. 4. His hard work and determination has paid off; he earned the fifth chair in the band out of the possible 16 chairs. This is the second year that Melhaff has been a part of the event.
“It was a great experience that I worked hard for and it paid off for me,” said Melhaff. The concert, which is open to the public and is free of charge, will be held March 29, at 8:00 p.m. in Yankton at the new Summit Center.

Couple is ordained in Iowa service
Henry and Sherry Lippert both were ordained into Christian ministry Feb. 23 at the First Baptist Church, Ottumwa, Iowa.
Henry Lippert formerly taught vocal music in Parkston and Tripp Schools, while Sherry Lippert worked with Horace Mann Insurance.
Area people who attended the event were: Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kelly and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Lippert and children, all of Yankton; Delmar and Carol Guthmiller, Tripp; and Pamela Lippert and children, Sioux Falls. Her husband, Major Harrison Lippert, is serving as chaplain in Qatar.

Orphan Grain Train clothing drive set
Anyone wishing to give clothes to the needy may bring them to Emmaus Lutheran Church hall, Tripp, on Monday, April 7.
From there, they will be taken to Orphan Grain Train, Norfolk, Neb., to be boxed and shipped to the needy in this country, as well as other countries.

Let’s dance!
The Tripp-Delmont Dance Team performed during half-time of the boys’ basketball game on Parents’ Night, Feb. 25. Nikki Polreis, left, Brittany Friederich and Sara Permann are three of the members of the team that entertained the crowd. The team is led by advisor Sherry Hansen, who said it is made up of cheerleaders from the basketball and football teams. The Dance Team was started last summer, she said, and has performed a couple of times prior to Tuesday’s performance. The girls enjoy the routines, Hansen said, which includes some stunting, such as lifting and tossing. (PHOTO: Scott E. Ehler)

Supreme Court denies zoning rehearing, election set

Hutchinson County voters will be going to the polls April 15 to decide the fate of a proposed hog operation in Wolf Creek Township.
The County Commissioners set the date Feb. 18 in response to the South Dakota Supreme Court turning down the county’s request for a rehearing on the matter. The high court Jan. 8 unanimously turned over an earlier decision by Circuit Court Judge Lee Anderson.
The matter has been mired in controversy since Tripp native David Meyer, now living in Illinois, applied for a conditional use permit from the county about a year ago. Meyer sought to build his second 3,200-unit hog operation in the county; this one about seven miles northwest of Freeman off Highway 44. Construction has been on hold while the plan has traveled through planning and zoning, board of adjustment, county commissioners, and the two levels of court.
Meyer’s other operation is located in Sharon Township near Tripp and did not run into such problems in its construction, nor in its operation. The “Starburst” facility has been in operation over two years.
The Commissioners’ Feb. 18 decision regarding the election was not a matter of “whether” anymore, but “when.” County Auditor Jerome Hoff said the Supreme Court ordered the election. The county has 60 days from the Supreme Court’s denial of reconsideration in which to hold the election. Hoff said April 15 worked the best for getting ballots approved, printed and made available for absentee voters. Historically, county elections have about 200 absentee voters, he added. While the county had 72 percent turnout for the general election, Hoff said he didn’t expect quite that much for this one.
Certain areas would be high, but he didn’t foresee it being a high turnout across the county.
“Some town people don’t think it pertains to them,” Hoff said, “but it does.”
The election has the attention of the rest of the state, however.
“If people would turn it down,” Hoff said, “what’s that going to say to anyone else that wants to build?”
“It’s not going to just affect Hutchinson County,” said Commission Chairman Gillas Stern. He said he had talked with Minnehaha County Commissioner Jim Zweep during a recent meeting in Pierre, who told him there was concern in Minnehaha because of the controversy experienced “when someone wants to put up a machine shed and do body work or whatever in the rural area.”
“If they grant or deny the permit, all the petitioner has to do to is bring it to an election,” said Stern, adding, “zoning has no teeth whatsoever.”
Ron Kirschenmann and Larry Stern, both from Wolf Creek Township, were the two who pursued this matter, bringing it to a vote. Larry Stern was present at the Feb. 18 meeting, noting that he was concerned with how the ballot would be worded. He added that he did not like the way it had appeared during the June primary when county voters were asked to vote on a change in distances livestock operations would have to be from towns and other such operations.
“People were confused,” Larry Stern said.
The explanation to be written by State’s Attorney Glenn Roth was not available by the time of the meeting. Hoff said, however, that it will be straightforward this time, whether a voter agrees with the County Commissioners’ and board of adjustment’s decision to grant the conditional use permit, or the voter disagrees.
Larry Stern asked why there had been no notice of the day’s meeting and that the decision would be made. He said he wouldn’t have known about it except that a newspaper reporter called him for a comment the day before.
Hoff said he was notified by the State’s Attorney, since that was the county’s legal counsel. Gillas Stern noted that it would be up to Kirschenmann and Stern’s attorney, Jim Abourezk, Sioux Falls, to notify them, as well as deal with any wording changes needed.
“It goes to an election now,” said Gillas Stern.

Goodwill truck to visit Tripp
The Goodwill’s Ambassador Trailer will be receiving donated items in Tripp, beginning Tuesday, March 11.
The trailer will be located in the lot next to the Bridal Suite on Main Street and will stay parked through Monday, March 17.
Donations of sellable clothing, usable, working small appliances, household goods, sporting goods and toys will be accepted. Furniture and large appliances cannot be taken at this time.
The items should be placed as far to the front of the trailer as possible.
Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization that processes and sells the donated items in their stores to support the programs and services Goodwill provides to people with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions.

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