Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon will meet Friday at 8 p.m. at the Avera St. Benedict Health Center Meeting Room. For more information, call 928-3182.

Monday, February 15
The Parkston American Legion Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. at the Legion Hall.


Alcoholics Anonymous will meet Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Ethan Methodist Church basement. For more information, contact Jean at 928-7266 or Joe at 227-4303.

Tuesday, February 16
The Hutchinson County Commissioners will meet in the Court House in Olivet at 9 a.m.


Colin Newton hands Bennett McIntosh her award for being one of the winners of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest held during physical education classes at Parkston Elementary.

Hagen: Rose Bowl float ‘made all the sense in the world’
At an appearance before the Joint Appropriations Committee of the Legislature, Tourism Secretary Jim Hagen earned plenty of praise for the way he runs his department while hearing a few questions about South Dakota’s investment in a float in the Rose Bowl Parade.

Democrats’ minority status burdensome, empowering
With just 20 members in the Legislature--eight in the Senate and 12 in the House--Democrats face constant rejection of the bills they offer.

SDDOT completes $50 Million payout to counties, cities
The South Dakota Department of Transportation paid out nearly $50 million in state highway funding to counties and Class I city governments in 2015.


During the week of January 25 to 29, the Parkston Elementary Student Council sponsored a fund raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society called Pennies for Patients. They raised $2,052.92 during the week.

Phone scams continue to be a serious threat
Aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating Internal Revenue Service agents remain a major threat to taxpayers, headlining the annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams for the 2016 filing season.

Beatrice Justine keeps everyone guessing
Looking over the attendance pads from her first Sunday service, new Methodist pastor Sarah Hyden-Smith read, “Claire Lapella.” Next to the name, the box marked “visitor” was checked.

DWU Department of Theatre returns from regional festival
The Dakota Wesleyan University Department of Theatre students participated in the weeklong Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and came home with new experiences, skills and awards--including one for DWU director Dan Miller.

Agland Coop issues patronage checks
Members and customers of Agland Coop will be receiving 2015 Patronage checks soon.

Dakota State 2015 fall Honors List released
A total of 488 full-time and 208 part-time students qualified for the President’s Academic Honors list for the 2015 fall semester at Dakota State University in Madison.

DWU announces 2015 fall Dean’s List
The 2015 fall semester Dean’s List at Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, includes 276 students.

ISU students named to fall semester Dean’s List
More than 8,370 Iowa State University undergraduates have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the 2015 fall semester Dean’s List.

LATI President’s List announced
Michael Cartney, Lake Area Technical Institute President, has announced the current President’s List.

Boys basketball
Parkston Trojan Dillan Thuringer (44 white) boxes out on a rebound during the February 15, 56-54 overtime win, over Gregory in Parkston. Also waiting for the rebound are Trojans Jake DeLange (22) and Brady Albrecht (2).

Girls basketball

Parkston Trojan Paige Semmler (22 white) drives between two Gregory defenders during the February 5 game in Parkston.

Can cattle producers impact a cow’s ability to deliver better colostrum?
Due to the large body of evidence clearly pointing to the benefits of colostrum for baby calves, much attention has been given to the calf side of the equation: ensuring a calf consumes an adequate amount of high-quality colostrum.

Climatologists ask: Will there be an early arrival of spring?
Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, did not see his shadow this year, but can we really expect an early spring in South Dakota?

Harvest and opinion surveys underway
The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks currently is administering a number of different harvest and opinion surveys regarding the management of wildlife resources across the state.

The Great Backyard Bird Count returns Feb. 12-15
Millions of novice and accomplished bird watchers can make their love of nature count for science during the 19th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count.

It has been an exciting year for veterans

During the month of December, I walked around with an adrenaline rush from all the holiday goodies I was sneaking.

Crudeness creep
I’m probably in the prudish minority on this one.

FTC detects new Social Security scam
You recently may have gotten an email with the subject line “Get Protected.”

Tripp Star-Ledger


(left) Sen. Bill Van Gerpen, R-Tyndall, answers a question at the February 6 crackerbarrel in Parkston. Rep. Kent Peterson, R-Salem (right) and Rep. Kyle Schoenfish, R-Scotland, were also present to talk with local constituents.

Time runs out on permanent time change
South Dakotans will continue to spring forward and fall back, despite the efforts of a state senator who says she’s tired of changing her clocks twice a year.

Nonresident waterfowl change draws ire of sportsmen
The South Dakota House of Representatives decided to answer the call for economic development rather than heed the complaints of sportsmen January 26 with the passage of a bill that gives nonresident waterfowl hunters access to five additional counties. The vote was 36 to 32 for passage.

Students think about their futures
When you are a kid, you have big dreams for what you wanted to do when you grow up, anything from being a singer, a police officer, a chef or to even a designer. It all is just high hopes when you’re little.

All you need is love
(And cupcakes would be nice)

When it comes to cupcakes, no one can resist. While many people favor chocolate as their favorite, others prefer vanilla or even red velvet.

The fastest food of them all
Ba da ba ba ba, are you lovin’ it? The Tripp-Delmont High school students were asked what their favorite fast food restaurant was and, to no surprise, the majority chose McDonald’s.

Coffee: Yes or no?
What do you think of coffee? Is it good for you? Is it bad? In high school there are a lot of opinions on whether to drink, or not to drink coffee.

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