Coming events
Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon will meet Friday at 8 p.m. at the Avera St. Benedict Health Center Meeting Room. For more information, call 928-3182.

Friday, November 13
The Parkston V.F.W. will meet in the Parkston Armory at 7 p.m.

Alcoholics Anonymous will meet Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Ethan Methodist Church basement. For more information, contact Jean at 928-7266 or Joe at 227-4303.

Tuesday, November 17
The Hutchinson County Commissioners will meet in the Courthouse at Olivet at 9 a.m.

Brickhouse coffee shop opens
Starbucks, hold onto your hats, the Brickhouse Coffee Shop is here.

Italy pilgrimage: A closer walk with thee
Two years of planning and fundraising culminated in a spiritual trip that made a strong impression on all who attended.

Three peas in a pod: Louise Stegemann shares memories of growing up as a triplet
Published with permission of the
Daily Globe in Worthington, Minn.
Not too many days ago, Louise Stegemann marked her 97th birthday, joined in the celebration by one of her identical triplet sisters, Lillian, and their younger sibling, Beverly.

Remembering Wounded Knee
The massacre at Wounded Knee occurred when our state was just one year old, yet the effects of that cold winter day still reverberate throughout our state and our country.

Lady preacher’s visit upstaged by election
It had been almost three months since the members of Lennox Valley Methodist Church learned their pastor, Rev. Glynn Vickers, was being moved in June of 1998.

Hospitals sign Dakota Pledge to reduce early elective deliveries
Less than a year after First Lady Linda Daugaard issued a challenge to hospitals throughout the state, all 24 birthing hospitals in South Dakota have pledged to help reduce early elective deliveries.

Solemn Profession
Bro. Peter Joseph Anton Maria Bruch made his solemn profession of vows on the feast of Our Lady’s Nativity, Sept. 8.

CDA starts planning for 100th anniversary
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Sacred Heart No. 280 held its regular meeting November 5.

Mount Marty College celebrates high honor scholars
Mount Marty College celebrated the accomplishments of 133 students during its annual Honors Convocation ceremony, October 23, at the Bishop Marty Memorial Chapel in Yankton.

The importance of saving for college
According to College Board, 2014-2015 tuition and fees for an in-state, public, four-year college costs on average $9,139 per year.

Snow and woody plants
“Snow is both friend and foe to trees and shrubs,” says Tchukki Andersen, staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association. “Snow causes its share of damage, as we all know, but in many cases it also protects plants and their roots from extreme fluctuations in temperature that could damage or even kill them.”

Home-canned pumpkin butter: Food safety risks
The United States Department of Agriculture does not recommend home canning of pumpkin butter and mashed or pureed pumpkin or winter squash.

Making homemade apple cider
Drinking fresh apple cider is a great way to celebrate autumn.

Where are the Scammers? Check BBB’s new scam tracker

Although Better Business Bureau has been a pre-eminent scam investigator and reporter since its establishment in 1912, BBB now has a free interactive online tool called BBB Scam Tracker.

LeBeau shootout
When the waters of the big dam at Pierre called Oahe recede, remnants of the old cow town of LeBeau peek out on the shoreline, reminders of a cattle town that a gunfight killed.

Tripp Star-Ledger

Good Samaritan Holiday Fair brings in holiday season

The annual Holiday Fair at the Good Samaritan Society, Tripp, usually is one of the first craft fairs for the upcoming holiday season.

Keeping our kids safe on their cell phones
It is the sign of the times: most adults and students have a mobile device in their pockets, purses and cars.

At activities association, exceptions make it tougher to enforce the rules
The South Dakota High School Activities Association Board of Directors held a lengthy discussion Nov. 4 about the nature of an “emergency” and the worth of the numbers used to define the class in which a team will compete.

What would you do with a magic wand?
Have you ever had a day where you just wish you had a magic wand?

Two teachers fabulous fashion statement
Josh Freier, English teacher, and Lee Comp, band teacher, have a fun, fresh trend that they have been following for years.

Students spreading tobacco awareness
A selected amount of seniors went to a tobacco awareness meeting called TATU, Nov. 4, to help spread awareness at their school.

Honoring Veteran’s Day
The annual Veteran’s Day came and went again. As you know, it was on Nov. 11.

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